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CUVVA was founded in 2012 with a simple and resounding purpose: ‘To empower men and women who suffer from hair loss’.

Now, six years on, we are in the process of deepening our range to include not only concealing hair fibers, but scalp treatments that combat the very cause of hair loss itself.

Leveraging a powerful combination of science and nature, our evolved approach tackles hair loss from every angle

Treat the causes of hair loss by creating a healthy scalp environment for growth, while combatting the hormones (DHT) that reduce the size and lifespan of our hair follicles*.
Reduce hair fall caused by breakages by promoting strong and healthy strands.
Conceal hair thinning and balding, offering an instant cosmetic and confidence-boosting solution.

*While we believe our selected products can help alleviate the symptoms of hair loss, we do not claim nor guarantee that they can cure hair loss of any form. Until such a cure is discovered, our endeavour is to reduce and conceal — bringing you ever-closer to the confidence you deserve.
30% Discount on your 1st order!
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